Today while working on “the black list” which airs next Monday
In case uve ever wondered what a movie/TV set looks like before it’s fully built or ready :3 I love my job
First time in kings plazas chipotle nomnimnomnom
I am I am I am i am #fall #sweaterweather
Here internet enjoy a cat! The internet loves cats right? #catsofinstagram #cat #kitten

When u push a big poop out

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U ever see a cat that likes I cuddle under blankets?
Reppin wonder years today Omw to work

General feeling today

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Such a Beauty love this thing so much
Got a new @Starbucks gold card in the mail because I’m awesome and @missmarceline lost my first one
This is happening right now
He doesn’t leave me alone anywhere  I move he wakes up and follows me and then goes back to bed
Uuuggghhhhhhh hopefully I get this job I’m going to interview for tommorrow