I still can’t believe be it and it’s kinda crazy but I own my own car! This is now my baby lol
Hey it’s that guy from Frazier
This has been my life for the past 2 days uugghhhh
Such a nice little house too bad someone’s going to “get stabbed and die in it today”

"Swat" team kickin ass on the following lmfao a lil behind the scenes for us guys

  -  6 October, 2014
Good morning
Meme was born exactly one year ago today! Happy birthday my baby kitty :3 #timehop
So I just sed hi to kevin bacon I seriously love my job
The sky looks awesome sometimes #nofilter
As soon as I get off the train I know when I’m in Williamsburg.
My mind doesnt stop
Today while working on “the black list” which airs next Monday
In case uve ever wondered what a movie/TV set looks like before it’s fully built or ready :3 I love my job
First time in kings plazas chipotle nomnimnomnom
I am I am I am i am #fall #sweaterweather